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FAQ -  Getting your Questions About Our Seat Covers Answered

Q: Why should I buy seat covers from ShearComfort?

A: ShearComfort has one of the largest selections of Custom and Universal seat covers online. We guarantee the fit of your Custom Seat Covers and offer a one-year warranty to protect our customers from any defects related to workmanship or materials. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and friendly and here to help assist you through the process of selecting a product, ordering, and installation after delivery.

Our turnaround time for fully Custom Fit Seat Covers is only 3-4 weeks plus shipping (this may vary during holiday season and current world events). If the seat covers you have chosen will not fit your vehicle, our helpful sales team will contact you to confirm the order and ensure you receive the right product for your vehicle.

Best of all, we are always looking for your comments and opinions – Contact Us – and we will do our best to address any concerns you may have. Still unsure? Take a look at our Reviews

Q: What are custom seat covers?

A: Custom seat covers are a slip-over cover made from your choice of material, color, and pattern. Custom seat covers are designed to exactly fit over the original seats of your vehicle. They are cut for the seat measurements for your exact year, make, and model of vehicle. When you order custom seat covers from ShearComfort, a perfect fit is guaranteed!

Q: Are car seat covers safe to put on my vehicle?

A: Yes, ShearComfort Seat Covers are a safe aftermarket product to put on your vehicle, new or used.

We take your safety very seriously and that is why all of our Custom Seat Covers are safely designed for use in vehicles with Seat Airbags, Heated Seats, Infant Car Seats, and any other options specific to your seat configuration.

Q: How long does it take to get seat covers?

A: Once your order is placed you will receive an automated email with your estimated ship date. And once your item has shipped you will receive another email with a tracking number to track your delivery.

The factories are currently working to produce orders in 3-4 weeks of the date of purchase. We are unable to provide exact shipping dates at this time due to unforeseen world events. Please allow additional time for shipping.

ShearComfort production time is the result of an exceptionally careful and thorough process that allows for the highest-possible quality and workmanship of your seat covers.

Q: Do these seat covers replace my existing upholstery? Do I have to remove it before installation?

A: No and no. We sell custom slip over seat covers. This means that they go over the existing upholstery.

Q: Are Custom Seat Covers easy to install?

A: In most cases, yes. Although installation varies from vehicle to vehicle. All Seat Covers are made to “slip over” your original upholstery. There is no removal or special tools needed. These are custom made and meant to be form fitting, so they can take a bit of time to install properly. We generally estimate 30-45 minutes per row. We have multiple resources for our customers to help with the installation process:

  • Install Instructions included with your order -- Check the back side of the package insert or there will be a printed version you can also see them here: Installation
  • You will also be sent a link to installation instructions in your “order shipped” email
  • Installation Videos on YouTube
  • During office hours, there are installation specialists available to walk our customers through the process
  • We do also suggest looking on YouTube. Many people will post their installation videos online and can be very helpful

Q: How well do these seat covers fit?

A: We guarantee the fit of all our Custom Seat Covers. However, the look can vary between fabrics. For instance, if you choose Neo-Supreme – a form fitting and stretchy material – it will fit very snug and tight. Alternatively, Cordura is a very tough and rugged material designed for protection with little to no stretch. Most people buy this for maximum protection and durability. However, due to the nature of the fabric, it may take longer to smooth and form to fit the seat.

Q: Are seat covers compatible with heated or air-conditioned seats?

A: Yes, our seat covers work with heated seats and are safe to use with the heat on. It may take a bit longer for your seat to heat up as you are adding an additional layer.

As for air-conditioned seats, we do suggest our Super Mesh or Sof-Touch perforated imitation leather as these items are made specifically to allow for ventilation and are our most breathable products. All other products do cover the perforation holes. However, the air will still cool the surface of the seat cover. But you will not feel the air through the cover itself.

Q: I don’t see the exact price. How much do seat covers cost?

A: Due to the custom nature of our products, we need information about your vehicle and product choice before your pricing is displayed. Some of the information we need to know includes your vehicle’s seat configuration and the fabric you would like to purchase.

So, begin by selecting your year, make, and model of vehicle. Next, select a product. Then continue clicking through and select your seat configuration and other options. The pricing will display in your cart once we have all of your chosen details.

You can also check out our How to Order video for more information.

Q: What is included in the Premium Set Seat Cover Package?

A: If you order the Premium Set Seat Cover Package your order will include:

  • Driver & Passenger Seat Covers
  • Headrest Covers (if applicable to your seat option)
  • Map Pockets
  • Armrests or Folding Console – (on 40/20/40 or rear seat)

Please refer to the seat image when ordering. The pieces that are colored in Red are included.

Q: My seat description says that I have adjustable headrests. Does that mean that it is included in the order?

A: Not necessarily. You will need to add them to your order unless you are ordering the Premium Set Seat Cover Package which will include headrests (see above). Please note: Sheepskin seat covers do not include headrest covers and must be added to an order if you would like them covered.

Q: Do you cover the console in the middle of my bucket seats?

A: If your top lid console is floor mounted – and you cannot seat a third person in the middle – we do not offer a cover for this part of your seat in any of our materials. We have top lid consoles for purchase in the following:

Sheepskin: this is a tailor-made console lid cover that can be purchase by adding it on to your order during check out or by contacting us by phone to place a new order or add it to an existing order.

All Luxury Line materials: this custom-made top lid console can be purchased by contacting us by phone to place a new order or add it to an existing order.

If you have a 40/20/40 seat type, where you can seat a third person in the middle, we can cover the folding console.

Q: Will I still be able to use my cupholders?

A: Yes, because your seat covers are custom made specific to your year, make, and model you will not lose any functionality of your seats. Your seats will function the exact same with the seat cover on as they did without.

Q: Do you make cut outs for the power controls?

A: Yes and no.

Yes, if your power controls are individual knobs that come out from the seat itself – and are inset to the seat. Please check your seat options as this may be specific in the configuration listings.

No, if your power controls are on a plastic moulding around the base of the seat. We do not cut out for power controls in this case and you are going to have to tuck the seat covers in between the seat and the plastic moulding. A quick tip: you can use a flat wooden spatula or spoon to tuck the seat covers down into the moulding. A butter knife works great too!

Q: Do you make seat belt cut outs?

A: If your seat belt and its buckle are inset into the cushion or integrated into the backrest, the answer is yes. We will make a cut out for the buckle and a zipper for the backrest so the seatbelt can come through and the seat cover can close behind the seatbelt.

Q: Do you make cut outs for child seat anchors?

A: We want to make sure your seat covers are safe for your little ones too. So, the answer is Yes. On most of our patterns we do have this cutout. If you receive your seat cover and there is not a cutout for child seat anchors, it is an easy cut out that you can do yourself. All you need to do is install the seat covers and make a small cut where the anchors will come through. We also guarantee the fabric so there is no concern about it tearing or fraying.

Q: What is the difference between an opening console and a solid arm?

A: A console has a lid and a storage compartment. A solid arm cannot be opened. But both can have trays and/or cup holders.

Q: What is a Center Under Seat Cushion Storage?

A: When you have 40/20/40 seats in your front row there is an option to have storage underneath the middle cushion where the third person can sit. If you can lift the middle seat cushion and store underneath, choose the “under seat cushion storage” option. This does not refer to the folding console and whether it has storage or not. This is a second storage space underneath the middle cushion.

Q: Are Custom Seat Covers safe with Side Airbags?

A: Yes, all our seat covers are 100% compatible with Side Impact Airbags. We will make the necessary alterations for all seats. The design for the alterations will vary between products. It may be a flap, Velcro, or high tensile thread that ensures safe deployment of In Seat Airbags. Don’t know how to check if you have Airbags? See: Seat Airbag Information

Q: I don’t have Side Airbags, but when I try to place an order it appears in my cart. Why?

A: ShearComfort has done extensive research to ensure all seat covers are safe to use. Therefore, many vehicles come standard with Side Airbags and our seat covers will accommodate this.

Q: If I don’t like these, can I return them?

A: It is important to know the return policy for custom-made items. We have a fitment guarantee on all of our custom seat covers. We also guarantee quality and workmanship. This means that you should expect something that will fit perfectly and will be of excellent quality. But, that is because these products are “made to order” for your specific seats and vehicle.

We ask our customers to be responsible for their choice of color, fabric and seat configuration. The Seat Covers are not returnable if you change your mind or sell your vehicle. Our guarantee means we will help you with any fitment concerns or factory issues with verification photos.

Most of these questions can be quickly resolved with a few tips about installation or a call from our installation specialists. But, if there are actual fitment concerns, we will help you through the process of getting the seat covers made right.

In most cases we will ask for photos. this helps us visualize what you are explaining and helps us to best determine a solution for you. You can also upload your photos and submit a customer service request here:

Please see the full return policy here: Return Policy

Q: How do I wash my seat covers?

A: Most of our products can be handwashed in warm water with a light detergent and hung to dry. ShearComfort does not suggest putting seat covers in the washing machine or dryer. You can also spot clean the seat cover on the vehicle itself before needing to remove for washing.

Sheepskin seat covers are the exception to this rule. For Sheepskin, we suggest taking the seat covers to a dry-cleaning service that specializes in furs.

Q: Where are you located and what are your hours?

A: Our head office is in Vancouver, CA. Our factories are in both the US and Canada located on the west coast.

Our office and order desk are open Monday to Friday, 6:30AM – 4:30 PM PST.

Please feel free to leave a message or email us after hours and we will get back to you on our next business day.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-663-7750, use our live chat option, or email as using our Contact Form.

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